Two Individuals / One Committed Couple — On a Mission

Michael and Jacqueline are part of your community and understand the challenges of maintaining a mutually fulfilling relationship in the face of cancer. They also know, and experience every day, the possibilities of transforming these challenges into extraordinary emotional, sexual and spiritual intimacy. A depth and breadth of intimacy that most couples can barely imagine.

Their mission is to assist cancer survivors and their partners around the world achieve these same levels of intimate fulfillment regardless of the circumstances of their disease. As speakers, they often speak pro-bono to cancer support groups around North America. As authors, they have provided a free electronic version of their latest book “Return to Sex & Intimacy – For Cancer Survivors and Their Partners” to members of all participating Gilda’s Clubs and Cancer Support Communities. As intimacy coaches, they provide free monthly sex and intimacy Q&A phone in sessions to anyone who wants to participate.

They are totally dedicated to your healing and achieving the relationship fulfillment you want and deserve. Here’s a bit more about their respective backgrounds…

Jacqueline Lopez is Michael’s life partner, professional speaker, author and radio host. As a native of Brazil and Paraguay she speaks four languages fluently. Her cultural perspective enables her to bring a very empowering and uninhibited feminine sensuality perspective to their work. This is crucial given how most Western societies tend to be repressed and uninformed with respect to female sexuality.

Through her unique relationship with Michael as a post-menopausal partner of a fully impotent cancer survivor, she has been instrumental in developing the female perspective on how to achieve extraordinary intimacy at any age and under any circumstances.

Michael Russer is an ongoing survivor of two forms of cancer, a 20+ year international professional speaker, TEDx alum, author and radio co-host who happens to be clinically impotent due to castrate-resistant prostate cancer. He has written well over 100 articles several of which have been published by Huffington Post, MariaSchriver.com and Coping with Cancer magazine.

Michael considers his impotence to be one of the biggest blessings in his life. It is because of his impotence that he and his partner, Jacqueline Lopez, discovered an entirely new approach to experiencing levels of emotional and sexual intimacy and connection that far exceeds anything either had prior to when things were working “correctly”.

When they are not on the road speaking, co-hosting a radio show, coaching or writing you will find them dancing to live music, hiking, taking long walks in nature, just quietly cuddling or traveling just for the fun of it. Their open-Hearted spirit of adventure and willingness to consistently get out of their comfort zone is what brings a powerful healing to everyone they meet along the way.

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