The Joy of Sexual Giving with Prostate Cancer

The first time we made love, we spent hours experiencing deep connection, intimacy and exquisite pleasuring. Jacqueline climaxed multiple times, which gave me the confidence I could still be a ‘man’ despite my impotence. However, as excited as I was, and no matter how she tried to stimulate me, I could not release. In fact, […]

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Prostate Cancer and Marriage – The Start of Great Sex

Annually, over one million men worldwide receive a diagnosis of prostate cancer and over 300,000 will lose their life to it. A large percentage of men with prostate cancer are married and cancer-induced impotence can lead to marital breakdown. Consider the scenario when a couple first receives the news that the man has prostate cancer. […]

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Why ED is the Best Thing That Happened to Our Intimate Life

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the best thing that has ever happened to our intimate life.  There, we said it. And, we say it a lot. When speaking to survivors and partners, on the radio and TV, in print and online, and occasionally gatherings (it’s a great way to quiet a room down if things get […]

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A New Paradigm for Making Love with Prostate Cancer

We live in an over-sexualized society where anyone with an Internet connection can watch two (or more) people fornicating in every imaginable way (and some, well… unimaginable ways). It seems that our cultural narrative often defines ‘making love’ as just having sex. The question is, how many of us truly equate having sex with making […]

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How cancer treatment impacts sexual intimacy

How cancer treatment impacts sexual intimacy Staying Sexual: Cancer And Intimacy Intimacy during Cancer Care Cancer and Sexual Health Intimacy With Impotence: The Couple’s Guide To Better Sex After Cancer Life After Prostate Cancer Treatment; Sexual Healing Renewing Intimacy, Sex and Love after Prostate Cancer Intimacy With Impotence: The Couple’s Guide To Better Sex After Prostate Disease

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Staying Sexual: Cancer And Intimacy

Life After Cancer Treatment: Body Changes and Intimacy

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