Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources that you may find beneficial on your journey to achieving extraordinary intimacy.

NOTE: Michael and Jacqueline receive NO compensation of any kind if you purchase any of the books listed below.

Michael’s TEDx Talk

This daring speech seen by 10’s of thousands shares how Michael went from being “broken” due to cancer-induced impotence to experiencing extraordinarily fulfilling intimacy. CLICK HERE to watch (18 min.)

MasterHeart Meeting Template

Jacqueline and Michael hold a “MasterHeart” meeting every two weeks to keep their relationship running smooth. Just right-click the image to download your copy with full instructions on how to use this powerful tool.

The Presence Process (by Michael Brown)

This book in particular has had an enormous impact on Jacqueline and Michael’s ability to achieve and maintain being fully present for each other —crucial for all forms of ongoing intimacy. (

Stillness Speaks (by Eckhart Tolle)

This book, more than any other, has influenced Jacqueline and Michael’s thinking about the duality of ego vs. the Heart which is a context that creates a powerful firewall against emotional wounding. (

Come as You Are (by Emily Nagoski, Ph.D.)

This is an excellent resource for any woman who wants help with becoming totally comfortable with their body and full sensual potential. (

She Comes First (by Ian Kerner, Ph.D.)

This is an excellent, well-written and entertaining guide for any man (or woman) who is interested in pleasing their female partner in the most effective way possible. One word of caution: Don’t assume the techniques shared will work for your partner. This book is fine to use as a source of mutual sensual inspiration, however your partner is always the final arbiter of what works best for her. (

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