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Whether your relationship is impacted by cancer or not, this groundbreaking book is your proven guide to profound relationship fulfillment on all levels that only gets better over time, regardless of circumstances.

Here’s just some of the discoveries you will find in this book:

  • How to replace “performance” with Presence for extraordinary emotional and sexual intimacy that grows stronger the longer you are together
  • How a simple and profoundly powerful change of context becomes your ‘firewall’ against all relationship upset
  • How the human Sexual Operating System model predicts nearly every aspect of committed intimate behavior and provides ways to consistently experience extraordinary intimacy

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The authors demonstrate what seems impossible with left over complications from cancer treatment to amazing intimacy and sexual recovery. Their story powerfully shows that circumstances don’t have to limit your sexual and intimate experiences.
Dr. Julie Taguchi, MD, Oncologist
Speaker to survivors about sex after breast cancer.

This book is a godsend for men and women with medically-impaired sexual function and their partners. Michael and Jacqueline are extraordinary healers with a message of unlimited intimate potential.
Michael Gilbert
Author of: The Disposable Male: Sex, Love, and Money, Your World through Darwin’s Eyes.

“This is not just for cancer survivors, it is for everyone who needs help for a better intimate relationship with their partners and the whole world.
Dr. Mitra Goosheh, Phd

This easy to read and personal book can help men and women .focus on a new way of increasing intimacy by expanding the physical, emotional and spiritual boundaries that can be restricted by our upbringing.
Sean Hebbel, Program Director
Cancer Support Community Delaware

If you just apply 1% of what is in this book your relationship and sexual fulfillment will be vastly improved.
Sandra Beck, CEO Motherhood Incorporated
Author and Radio Host.

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